Saturday, May 3, 2008

I emailed Tift Merritt

Ha! I bought my wife the concert DVD for Tift Merritt, from her previous tour. But then I realized that it didn't include my favorite song, Late Night Pilgrim, from that same previous album. I checked her web-site,, and found a Contact Us email. So I wrote to her and teased her, "What have you got against 'Late Night Pilgrim'?" I pointed-out that we'd just seen her in concert and she'd played my wife's favorite song but not mine, and now her DVD had skipped it, too. Hopefully she'll understand that I wasn't (too) serious!

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Chris said...

We have created a website at (separate from for fans where we stalk Tift on a near daily basis ;).

Chris McCandless
Tift Merritt Fans Administrator