Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cleaning up the Obama-rhea of the No We Can't crowd

We need a new 'meme' to describe the rabid anti-Obama crowd. I got the idea from reading Roger Ebert's excellent blog entry regarding memes and the anti healthcare reform crowd,

The general idea is that certain phrases are so perfectly self-encapsulated as to gain a life of their own, independent of whether or not they actually mean anything. The latest example is "Death Panels" which will probably live on and define the argument forever. I really think we need to counter it with a comparable meme to describe and undermine the wackos who are pushing "Panels". And it probably goes without saying that it needs to be a meme with the name "Obama" as part of it. Hmm...

Clearly, there is a die-hard group of people who believe that President Obama is the anti-christ and who vehemently and reflexively oppose anything he supports. I suspect there's unacknowledged racism at work here but I don't know if there's any point trying to pin that on them. Still, my first idea for a meme to describe them is "The Obama Lynch Mob". Or, if that's too blunt, maybe call them "The Obama Mob"

Alternatively, maybe we should label the reaction rather than the people? Maybe "Obama Vomit" or "Obama (Gag) Reflex" ? Even better: "Obama-rhea" oooh yeah, that's juicy! (eww) On second thought, though, diarrhea is something that's justified, as if his policies are so unhealthy as to be automatically rejected by the Body Politic (gotta love this analogy though :- )

Obama-spite. Whiners. Gotta think of another analogy... Something tantamount to children and temper tantrums? How about "Anti-Hope Tantrum"? Or, the "No We Can't" crowd? Since these people frequently claim that Obama is part of 'secret' conspiracy maybe they should be diagnosed with "Obama-noia".

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