Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turning the defamatory tables on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is the latest right-wing demagogue to attack the 'left' and has been particularly nasty in comparing Barack Obama with Adolf Hitler, as well as other assorted absurdities. As with most of these right-wing attacks, it doesn't matter if there's any truth to the attack -- it's merely mud-slinging. Now, someone has turned the tables on him by using the Internet to sling mud back at him.

My new favorite web-site is No one seriously thinks he ever did any such thing but the site is starting to turn up in web searches for his name, potentially casting a defamatory pall over him. Frankly, I think he deserves it. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

A further irony is that his success is entirely dependent on his abuse of the First Amendment, to protect his hate speech. Now this web-site is practicing a similar form of hate speech but he's suing them, claiming that it's not protected.

Here's a short discussion of the case from Political

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